In a New York Minute

June 24 2016

In a New York Minute
In a New York Minute

Where do The Jewelry Bx fashionistas go to get fresh air and inspiration in the summer?  NYC of course! That’s right we invaded NYC this week for a sneak peek at the Fall fashions.  Midtown Manhattan was the perfect “Tuesday Field Trip” day to get our Street Style fill!  Although we have the same chain stores back home,  NYC stores are mammoth in size, busy and hopping.

Our hearts pump a little faster and we go into sensory overload as we comb through rack after rack of clothes.  Is it the music , the other eclectic shoppers, or the multitude of products to look at?  We couldn’t resist our favorite trendy places for this quick visit, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Anthropologie, and Top Shop.  This was not a 5th Avenue or Madison Avenue visit this time around.  We were here to be a part of the vibe and enjoy Street Fashion at its finest.  You have to love the culture there, you learn as much about Street chic outside of the stores as inside.  We sat in Herald Square people watching for a bit in front of the original Macy’s.  I have been obsessed with that iconic building ever since I was little and my grandfather took me there for the first time.

Whatever part of the fashion business you are in is where your eye travels to first.  If you’re in shoes you see the incredible shoes, if you sell belts you notice every stunning belt at 50 feet.  We of course see heart-stopping jewelry everywhere we look, and loved it all.  We met with an amazing supplier who was already working on sales for Spring 2017 .  Hard to live in the moment in this industry, but spine-tingling at the same time looking into the future.   


It’s great to hit the streets and reconnect with real people who love fashion and have incredible style and unleash it every day.  It is a reminder to us of why we work so hard so that others can create their personal look for themselves and wear it freely, lightheartedly and so enthusiastically.





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