frequently asked questions

Are your products handmade by you?

All of our greeting cards, mugs, stickers, 14K gold necklaces and t-shirts are all designed, printed and created by us! We also curate our collections with products from several suppliers in the United States.  Working with other small businesses with ethical practices is what we are all about. Our goal is to put together a versatile jewelry line and now a beautiful unique home goods line.  To accomplish this we must buy from multiple sources.  We continue to look for local talent as we grow our brand.  We design, create, stamp, and perform all of our packaging and shipping!  

Why are you selling home goods now?

We get this question a lot lately.... We have always loved home decor.  We believe that life's most unique and creative moments lie in the styling opportunities we create for ourselves.   Accessories create our own personal vibe and make our unique statement.  They can be swapped in and out of our lives so easily while making a huge impact.  They allow us to define our personality through what we wear and  how we live.  We see home goods as a natural extension of our brand.  We want to continue to create and build a community of small business owners like us.  We conscientiously work with these brands understanding that our price point maybe a bit higher then you expect, but we are supporting ethical, artistic makers and fair wage is warranted.  We believe 100% that we are providing value as we do this.


How do I know if ordering online is secure?

At Shopify they use Security Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt your credit card number, name, and address, so only shopify can decode your information.  To be sure your transaction is secure at the bottom of the transaction you should see the symbol below that tells you the security is activated and your information is secure.

What happens to information that you provide to us?

If you are a part of our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram....  We will never provide that information to a third-party for any reason.  We use it to stay connected to you our customers and to provide better service that is all.

What is Shopify Pay?

This is a safe and secure process that allows you to check out faster.  Your Customer Information is encrypted and securely stored on Shopify PCI Compliant servers.  And, the SMS verification codes ensure that only the account owner can check out using Shopify Pay.

How fast does my order ship?

All orders received before 2:00 pm EDT are processed that day.  We ship USPS the same day or the next business day for most domestic orders.  We ship domestic orders first class postage free to our customers.  *If you need the order overnighted, just message us and we will adjust the shipping fee to accommodate overnight delivery.

Can I track my order?

Yes, we include the tracking information with all orders with the exception of single greeting cards. In order to keep the cost of single greeting cards down for our customers we ship them via USPS letter which has no tracking. Once your order is shipped you will be notified and tracking will be included in the email.  If you delete this accidentally no worries email us and we will send it to you asap.

How do I use promo codes?

We often have promotions and sales running.  Only one promotion code can be used per order.  It will be applied by you at checkout.  Promo codes are CAP sensitive.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and in addition Venmo and cash when we are providing Pop-Up Shopping!

What is your Fashion Jewelry made of? (our Non Sterling Silver and 14K & 18K  24K Gold pieces)

The majority of the metals (chain etc.) are made of a metal alloy, gold or silver plating, and Brass wire.  The stones are glass stones, epoxy, acrylic beads, Cubic Zirconia.  This allows for the lightweight and are less expensive.  All of our jewelry is Nickle and lead free. Additional information is provided in the items description.  These materials are  standard in most non precious brands. We also carry sterling silver and 14K & 18K & 24K gold pieces. 

How Do I Redeem My Gift Card?

You will have to set up a customer account when you go to the website to process the Gift Card.  Please enter your gift card code in the gift card section and it will apply to your order during checkout!  If there are any questions with this process please shoot us an email and we will respond immediately and we will walk you through it or process it for you.

Does the gift card expire or are there any fees?

No it never expires!  There are NO fees at all-EVER….(Hate those!)  It never loses its value unless you are spending it.  (Life as it should be!).

Can a gift card be used more than once?

Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

Can I use more than one gift card towards a purchase?

Yes, during checkout you will be prompted for next payment type to complete the order.  Enter your second gift card # then.

If I have lost track of my balance where can I retrieve it?

We make it simple just email us at and we will happily email your balance information from your account.  If you prefer a text back please let us know in your email and provide your phone number.

Can I use my gift card in conjunction with a discount code? 

Absolutely!  Just apply the discount code at checkout!

How do I care for my Fashion Jewelry? (non Sterling Silver and 14K-18K, 24K Gold pieces)

Although our fashion jewelry isn't precious gems and pure metals we still love it, value it and want it to last as long as it can. But keeping it beautiful can be tricky. It can’t take wear-and-tear the way our fine jewelry can. It tarnishes from water, sweat, air exposure and even creams and lotions.   We have researched this and even conducted our own experiments as to figure out the best way to keep it clean and preserve the pieces.  Warm soapy water and a soft brush or cloth can clean gently most pieces.  We also remove it daily and prior to swimming/sunning and hitting the gym.  


Recycling is very important to us and we hope to you too!

Our jewelry bags and packaging materials are all made from recycled materials.  Our ECO friendly line has compostable as well as recycled materials.  We keep and re-use all of our inbound shipping materials when we ship outbound bulk!