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OUR Story

We are Mari, Jenna and Nina mother-daughter(s) team from New England, currently living in the Boston area.  We have never worked so hard at something we love before The Jewelry Bx brand and we hope it shows in our work!   Mari and Jenna both exited the Global Corporate big business world to pursue more creative and personal interests in the field of fashion. Mari's Manufacturing/Global supply-chain operations background and Jenna's Marketing/IT/Social Media background give us the necessary skill sets and drive to start a small business woman owned adventure. Last but never least, is Nina our model, brand ambassador, and stylist. Who in her spare time is a Studio Manager at Lifetime Fitness and a personal trainer.   OUR PASSION- is to curate the most amazing collection of jewelry pieces that are affordable, gorgeous, and to help our customers create their unique special favorite look. HOW WE GOT HERE- We love high fashion, street fashion, runway, print, and we are always looking at current and future design trends.  In the last several years we have spent more and more time online shopping. The experience of finding online boutique stores and new smaller brands that often carry many unique items at a low cost is amazing.  We like learning about them and sharing our brand through social media.  We believe it has added a whole new element to the shopping experience for so many of us. We love the convenience and excitement of getting our favorite items delivered right to our doorstep. We always ship for free.   THE JBx WOMEN-   We believe the JBx women experiences many different events in her lifetime and by creating her own style through jewelry allows her to express her evolution. The JBx women loves fashion, is busy fitting it all in and may not have access to the physical stores, or doesn't have time to shop normal retail hours, or doesn't like the high pressure experience that may come with some stores. We have created this marketplace for the JBx women who follows fashion confidently and doesn't want or need the investment of the high end price tag especially when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry.  She is smart, confident in her abilities, and is moving through her life with grace and STYLE!      

XOXO- Mari, Jenna, Nina 

 About Us: The Jewelry Bx Team