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OUR Story


We are Mari, Jenna and Nina mother-daughter(s) team from New England, currently living in the Boston area.  We have never worked so hard at something we love before we created The Jewelry Bx brand and we hope it shows in our store!   Mari and Jenna both exited the Global Corporate big business world to pursue more creative and personal interests in the field of fashion and home goods.  Nina our model, brand ambassador, and stylist, who in her spare time is a Studio Manager at Lifetime Fitness and a personal trainer. 

 OUR PASSION- is to curate the most amazing collection of jewelry pieces, women empowerment products and gift ideas that are both affordable and amazing.   We always ship for free.  We have created this curated marketplace for the JBx customer who follows trends in fashion, in the home, and travel.     Our recent passion that follows our own personal journey is to create affordable Eco-Friendly products for those of us who want to make positive plastic free changes, but just don't know where to get products and which ones do we swap out first.  We have researched and hand-picked all the products for you with our 5 ECO-Kits. 

XOXO- Mari, Jenna, Nina 

 About Us: The Jewelry Bx Team