In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Donna Anderson

October 04 2018

In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Donna Anderson
In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Donna Anderson

When I was a little girl my role models were always the women in my life.  We started this brand (The Jewelry Bx) to empower ourselves and other women to create and style the life they envision for themselves. We did not set out to only sell jewelry, we wanted to start a conversation with women about where they are going and what life are they leading in that jewelry. How does the jewelry make you feel? To that end we launched a monthly interview series on our JBx Blog called, In the Company of the JBx Women. 

These are women we have been blessed to be connected to through business, family, or philanthropy. We ask the same 10 questions and are amazed at the remarks and insights provided by these women. We will publish and share them with you monthly through our blog so that you can get to know them too! 

The more we share about each other the stronger the community and support we can give one another. There are so many women living so many different experiences, and we salute them all!  We hope you will join us on our journey to showcase, support and discover what the authentic women in our life think about some very contemporary topics.Real women, Real answers....

I am so honored to be able to publish my favorite women who continue to teach me and inspire me every day.  This month I am so happy to introduce  Donna Anderson!

I am so happy to introduce you to my cousin Donna!  For the people closest to me they know that I have a huge affection and respect for the teachers in our lives.  Not to brag too openly but my cousin is one of those incredible humans we are lucky to have in our childrens lives when they are so young and impressionable.   An elementary school teacher by trade and passion for over 20 years we know that she has had a direct impact on 1000's of young minds and families.  In addition she is an amazing wife and mother, and avid outdoors person and athlete.  Living in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, Donna takes full advantage of hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.   She has a passion for Volleyball and she will share more about that with us!  As busy as she is with her career and family Donna makes many trips from New Hampshire down to Rhode Island to visit an aging 90 year old great-great aunt who lives alone.  The pictures from the visit of her and Aunt Gloria with two 1000 watt smiles say it all.  She is supportive to all of the lucky people in her life and has an incredible strength and positive outlook on life.  

We women currently have the spotlight- How do you think we can really support each other in this life of ours? 

 To support all women, I think we need to recognize that we each have our own unique gifts to share with the world and each other, regardless of how old we are, or where we are at in our own journey. I really enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom when my daughters were young, but was open minded about the fact that not every woman wanted to give up their career, and others were not able to due to financial reasons.  I recognize that being home with your kids all day isn’t for everyone, and that woman should be able to make choices that work best for them. I try to support my female friends and family members by calling/ sending cards/ texts/ photos and being sure to reach out when life isn’t going so well. I also like to make plans to get together, to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

What in your life has brought you or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment? 

Playing volleyball has given me so much joy, and a feeling of accomplishment throughout the years. I find it rewarding to be on a team, working together for a common goal.  I started in middle school, continued into high school, then onto four years at the college level. After college I continued to play in a variety of leagues, indoor and on the beach.  I find it to be beneficial to get exercise on a regular basis, as it helps me to feel energized and improves my body, mind and spirit. At 57 years old I am still playing in a league twice a week and on many weekends as well.

What woman inspires you?

My mom is my greatest inspiration. She is a confident, hardworking, compassionate, honest, intelligent woman who raised three children by herself on a very small salary. She always believed in me, and taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. She is very giving of her time and is a wonderful listener. She is courageous, and has overcome so many obstacles in life, including her melanoma cancer diagnosis almost 18 years ago! I love her dearly, and can always count on her to be there for me. She is the rock of our family and is loved by so many!

I feel most confident when?

I am teaching a class of elementary students. I have been a teacher for more than 20 years now, and have learned a lot about  reading, writing, math, science, history, learning styles, behaviors, programs, philosophies, etc. I have learned that all students really need is to be loved and accepted for who they are regardless of how well they can perform on tests. I’ve also learned that if we as teachers believe that they can do it, they will rise to the challenge and achieve beyond what we expected of them. 

  1. How does jewelry make you feel?

Jewelry helps me to feel that I’ve put the last piece of the puzzle into the big picture of me, adding a little extra to my outfit, without spending a fortune. I feel that jewelry can make a statement about your personality, whether it be bold, sparkly, earthy, enthusiastic, practical, elegant, or adventurous!

I aspire to… 

Continue to be a role model for my daughters, nieces, and students as they navigate through the trials and tribulations of life.  I want them to see that I am only human, and will make mistakes along the way while learning that we all face adversity- it’s just a matter of overcoming these obstacles with perseverance and a smile.  Most of all, I aspire to be kind to everyone- regardless of who they are.

What is your go to? Netflix or a good book?

I love a good book, but must admit I don’t have much time for reading these days so Netflix definitely wins out more often than not. My favorite series was Downton Abbey.

How would you define your personal style? 

I would classify my personal style as coordinated, natural, and relaxed.  

What are you known for? 

I think I am known for my adventurous/ spontaneous spirit, as well as my loyalty to my friends and family.  I love to talk, laugh, and share stories with anyone who will listen. I am hard working, determined and always try to fit 48 hours in a 24 hour day!

What is your most memorable travel destination? 

My most memorable trip was when I went to England/ Scotland/ Ireland/ and Holland with my friend Linda for a summer study abroad in 1981. I had never been out of the United States, and found it to be the most amazing experience to be in countries that had history from thousands of years past, including castles, forts, and a variety of other structures. I also enjoyed meeting people young and old from these countries with their accents, stories, and love of Americans. It was an unforgettable trip to say the least. It sparked my love of adventure, and I went on to travel all across the United States in years that followed.  I now have a very long bucket list of countries that I would like to visit, including Australia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany and Norway.


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