On Trend: The Long Layered Necklace

July 20 2016

On Trend: The Long Layered Necklace
On Trend: The Long Layered Necklace

Jewelry lovers everywhere have named the long necklace a  favorite style trend. Whether it is a pendant or a multi-layered piece, this is where versatility in style takes flight. The long necklace is effortless to wear and consistently showing up all summer long.  From the runways to the streets, women are layering up or are dropping incredible objects at the bottom of their chains.  We took our gorgeous pieces to the breathtaking countryside and had some magnificent moments during our photoshoot. Although many think that a “statement” necklace would be far more dramatic than a long necklace we would like to challenge that. The draping of these long necklaces fall ever so alluringly on a woman’s silhouette.  Who can resist these four wearable looks?  


1. Adventure Awaits Necklace

Simplicity is the key here, no need to delay your adventure.  

2. Total Eclipse Necklace

There is something very zen about this place. Is it the fresh air, the wildflowers, or the amazing sun/moon/crystal layered necklace?

3. Pacific Coast Highway Necklace

Balancing both bold and delicate details with this bright pink romper and gold chain tasseled necklace.

4. Rock the Look Necklace

A natural stone brings your look back to basics while keeping you on trend.

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