The North End

August 25 2016

The North End
The North End

This slice of Europe was the perfect backdrop for a pair of classic black shorts and a jet black scalloped top. Despite the colorful atmosphere this all black outfit adds a timeless and effortless look that pairs nicely with both simple and statement pieces. We kept to metallics and a white necklace to maintain our look of sophistication. As the afternoon transitioned to night we changed out our jewelry to give ourselves a fresh new look. Click on any of the photos to shop the jewelry!

The North End is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Boston. People have lived there since it was settled in the 1630s. It is very small only 0.36 square miles, but it is jammed with over a hundred stores and eateries that attract tourists from all over the world. Mostly known for its amazing restaurants, bakeries, and of course the Italian Americans that live there. What better place to take our jewelry then to the streets of eats.  

There are so many beautiful little spaces and gardens tucked into this “Little Italy” neighborhood.  Cobblestone streets complete the old world charm with the American and Italian flags waving proudly above.  Windows open from the apartments releasing the amazing smells as they drift by the crowds below.

Flower baskets bursting with color hanging wherever possible as if they were growing vertical gardens.Walking through the narrow streets you hear the clanking of the glasses in the open air restaurants as lines start forming outside the restaurants as dinner approaches.  

For such a small area old Italian churches seem to pop out of every street, and bakeries are too many to count.  There is a feeling of comfort and home in this place that goes beyond the sights and the smells.  It is in the faces of the elders playing bocci, reading the paper on a chair on the sidewalk or sweeping the area out their front door.  Every city has it’s neighborhoods that make it a home and Boston is no exception with its North End.

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