Making A Statement!

June 08 2016

Making A Statement!
Making A Statement!

For many of us we think achieving a fashion look is about dropping a large amount of money to secure the hottest trends.  At The Jewelry Bx we believe it is more about learning how to style yourself; incorporating your own wardrobe that will help you to achieve your best look today and every day.  The difficulty comes in knowing how to utilize your current options from your closet.  Whether it’s your street chic, working girl, or your glamorous side it should be fun not daunting.  Wearing your clothes and adding new purchases allows you to create and define your own personal styleIn our up and coming blogs we will be incorporating how to easily style your wardrobe with both our classic and trending pieces with the hopes of making your life just that much easier.

Many have asked us how to wear the Statement Necklaces that have  showcased on The Jewelry Bx.  Most people love the look of these eye catching pieces, but aren’t quite sure how to wear them.   What statement am I trying to make about myself?  Our answer is you are confident, beautiful and exactly right where you need to be today in your life, so let’s get dressed.

You can’t pick up a fashion magazine or watch an award show (did you catch the Counsel Fashion Designer Awards (CFDa’s) the other night? (Go Beyonce!) without seeing, “The Statement Necklace”.  These artful pieces are not reserved exclusively for the Rich and Famous.  These pieces are for women who deserve a glamorous, fun, “look at me” moment.  When you wear these large, sometimes colorful, other times blinged out, over the top pieces be ready to get noticed; after all you are making your statement.  How can you breathe life into your current favorite outfits and make them look fresh and fabulous?  The pieces that you choose in your wardrobe whether it is a dress or a trending accessory are an extension of your personality not just your fashion sense.  There are moments in your fashion and personality where you choose to go bold.

We are showing before and after shots so you can see for yourself how these bold pieces change the look from good to great!   If you are hesitant, but are ready to take the plunge into the statement necklace trend click on the pieces below and explore the collection. Buy your first piece to get started making your statement.  BE BOLD!

 1. Shop "Find Me An Oasis



2.  Shop "Pastel Prep" 



3. Shop "Great Goddess"



4. Shop "Good Vibe Tribe" 



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  • JMC: June 11, 2016
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    Love the whole idea of dressing up ordinary clothing.

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