In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Erica O'Malley

July 01 2018

In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Erica O'Malley
In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Erica O'Malley

When I was a little girl my role models were always the women in my life.  We started this brand (The Jewelry Bx) to empower ourselves and other women to create and style the life they envision for themselves. We did not set out to only sell jewelry, we wanted to start a conversation with women about where they are going and what life are they leading in that jewelry. How does the jewelry make you feel? To that end we launched a monthly interview series on our JBx Blog called, In the Company of the JBx Women. 

These are women we have been blessed to be connected to through business, family, or philanthropy. We ask the same 10 questions and are amazed at the remarks and insights provided by these women. We will publish and share them with you monthly through our blog so that you can get to know them too! 

The more we share about each other the stronger the community and support we can give one another. There are so many women living so many different experiences, and we salute them all!  We hope you will join us on our journey to showcase, support and discover what the authentic women in our life think about some very contemporary topics.Real women, Real answers....

I am so honored to be able to publish my favorite women who continue to teach me and inspire me every day.  This month I am so happy to introduce Erica O'Malley!

She takes being a soccer mom to a whole new level.  Erica is living In the suburbs of North Carolina with her husband Patrick and three amazing children Owen, Shea, and Finn.  Erica was born and raised in Barrington, RI.   During her childhood,  she was surrounded and deeply rooted in family and friends.  She was always passionate about soccer and played very competitively throughout her youth.  Erica went on to graduate college at U.R.I. where she was an Alpha Delta Pi sister.   After several years she made her move to Pennsylvania where she married the love of her life Patrick.  The couple moved back to R.I. and started their family.   As their careers started to move forward the family made the transition to beautiful North Carolina where they have made deep friendships in their community.   Erica continues to travel frequently back and forth  from North Carolina to Rhode Island for many family and friend events.   

She is also a girl-boss at the huge Premier Indoor Sports Facility NetSports, in Morrisville, NC.  Her two older children Owen and Shea play soccer competitively at a very high level on club teams.  These teams not only crisscross America, but Owen this past year traveled to Italy to play.  Many of us know how hard it is  driving our kids to school sports programs across town; it's hard to imagine adding passports and airplanes to the mix.  She e-mailed me her answers from San Diego, California this past week as she was on the road with the older kids at the So. Cal. Sports Complex at the USDA National Showcase competition.  Even their littlest Finn is playing soccer now.... You got this Erica!

We women currently have the spotlight- How do you think we can really support each other in this life of ours?  

I think as woman we need to support each other no matter what. Lift each other up and see the positive in any situation. Not fall victim to judging and criticizing one another. If we have not walked in others shoes we can not begin to know what they might be dealing with. Being kind and offering help when we can.

What in your life has brought you or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment?  

Becoming a mother to 3 amazing yet very different children has given me the most satisfaction and fulfillment. I can not imagine my life without them and I’m such a better person because of them.

What woman inspires you?:

All the women in my family that have come before and after me are inspiring. Each and everyone one of them from my grandmother to my youngest niece are strong willed, smart, giving and very driven individuals. They have been my best teachers in life.

I feel most confident when....

When I’m at work. With any job there are the things you like and dislike as well as things you are good at and things you need to improve on.  I love working in the sports field and enjoy the creative part of my job. When we come up with new programming and great marketing ideas that prove positive results I feel the reward and confidence which in turn makes me want to do more. When we can see the benefit of what we do both on the kids and the community there is nothing better.

I aspire to… 

RETIRE! HAHA.  Spend as much time with my family as possible. Through much tragedy and adversity, we have faced it reminds me what’s important. Moving to North Caroline 10 years ago puts a bit of a challenge on things. No one is down the road, so planning and making it happen needs to be a priority.


How does jewelry make you feel?

I have always loved jewelry, having worked for Tiffany & CO I really learned the appreciation for the art that's involved in creating pieces. Working in the sports field I do not wear as much as when I worked in the corporate world. I tend to stick with my basic go to pieces. When I have the opportunity to get dressed up I love a statement piece that pops on a black dress or a simple white t-shirt. It makes me feel complete and speaks to my personality a bit.

What is your go to? Netflix or a good book?

I do not do Netflixs per say. I have a few shows that I love to binge watch with my girlfriends, The Affair on Showtime is so good. I also love This is Us, typically, I DVR that and watch when I have time. I do challenge myself to read a good book when I travel.

How would you define your personal style? 

I would say my style is the Traditional America Girl, I think growing up in New England contributes to that. I love a good pair of jeans and a nice white t-shirt. I spend more money on accessories than clothes. My closet is filled with basics and a few fun items. From time to time I love a good trend but always have my go to items.

What are you known for?

This is a very tough question.  I hope I’m known for giving good advice. When I went to college my goal was to be a counselor. I love problem solving and talking through things.

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What is your most memorable travel destination? 

My most memorable travel destination was Italy. To travel with my husband and parents was so fun, we saw Rome and Pompei and Venice. The best was meeting up with my Aunts and Uncles and Cousin in Tuscany. Sitting outside underneath the Italian sky at a long farm table laughing and being with each other was priceless. I think often about how lucky we were to have that memory and will always be glad we took the opportunity to go.


  • Chuck Carmone: July 02, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Another terrific story on a terrific young lady!

  • Jean Carmone: July 02, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    Erica, it was nice reading about you. Thank you for sharing your first hand opportunities. Many times people are given opportunity iand don’t take advantage of it.

  • Nicola Meaiti: July 02, 2018
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    I love your blog and how you capture true women! Erica is a terrific role model for strong minded independent and determined women out there who don’t let adversity stop them from achieving their goals!!

  • Nicola Meaiti: July 02, 2018
    Author's avatar image

    I love your blog and how you capture true women! Erica is a terrific role model for strong minded independent and determined women out there who don’t let adversity stop them from achieving their goals!!

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