In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Odette Wakim

April 30 2018

In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Odette Wakim
In the Company of the JBx Women ft. Odette Wakim

When I was a little girl my role models were always the women in my life. I loved a supermodel/actress and wanted their hairstyle or fashion sense now and again, but the qualities that inspired me or interested me the most came directly from the women in my life.These women were strong, vulnerable, productive, loving, funny and hard working. They were supportive, creative, and always willing to share their thoughts with me

We started this brand (The Jewelry Bx) to empower ourselves and other women to create and style the life they envision for themselves. We did not set out to only sell jewelry, we wanted to start a conversation with women about where are they going and what life are they leading in that jewelry? How does the jewelry make you feel? To that end we are launching a monthly interview series on our JBx Blog called, In the Company of the JBx Women. 

These are women we have been blessed to be connected to through business, family, or philanthropy. We are going to ask the same 10 questions in the same order to each woman. We expect amazing remarks and insights as we get to know these women a little better. We will publish and share them with you monthly through our blog….we want you to get to know them too!   

The more we share about each other the stronger the community and support we can give each other. There are so many women living so many different experiences, and we salute them all!   Supported strong women have no limits! Know NO boundaries. 

We hope you will join us on our journey to showcase, support and discover what the authentic women in our life think about some very contemporary topics…Real women-Real answers... 

Sparkle Studio Design

We are very excited to introduce our May- JBx woman, Odette Wakim, owner, entrepreneur of Sparkle Studio Design, a chic stationery shop! She is  a fashion-loving Boston gal who we were lucky enough to vendor beside at SOWA- South End outdoor Marketplace.  Through the rain-storms, the heat, and the zany lovable customers, we forged a great respect and friendship for this kind hearted and inspiring artist!  Odette graduated from URI with a degree in Fashion, Merchandising, and Design.   After a couple of years, she found herself not fulfilling her life passion of creativity, and started her fashion and lifestyle blog, Sparkle in Gold. Her source of inspiration always being to do what lights her soul up!  Inspiring women has always been a dream of hers and she wanted to create actual products that would bring positivity and inspiration into other people's lives. Being a self-taught calligrapher, she started to create inspiration prints that would brighten up her day (especially during her 9-5 job), and she knew others would love the same. And from there Sparkle Studio was born! Within her shop, you will find an array of home decor products such as stationery, prints, mugs, and glassware. Her shop also features personalized glassware designed with her calligraphy that is perfect for wedding, bridal, and bachelorette parties as well as birthdays, gifts and more!  Creating beautiful and unique designs is her passion, but creating an experience full of happiness for her customers will always be her main goal. 

Learn who inspires her, her personal thoughts on her style, and how women can be more supportive of each other right now!

We women currently have the spotlight- How do you think we can really support each other in this life of ours?  

I truly believe in connection over competition. As a female entrepreneur, it means so much to me to have women around me that are a constant support system, whether it just be through a phone call or help from a love one. I strive to be the same every day, knowing that the small acts sometimes go the farthest.  expression. through all of life’s occurrences.

Sparkle Studio Design

What in your life has brought you or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment?  

Building my dream career! I never knew I was capable of such a thing, and now a year into building my business, I can’t imagine doing anything else! 

What woman inspires:

My mother! She is the rock of  our family and constantly wearing many hats. I aspire to be like her one day, a loving/caring wife and mother that gives without any expectation in return. 

Sparkle Studio Design

I feel most confident when…

I am smiling! 

I Aspire to… an inspiration to thousands upon thousands of women through authentic content, product, and expression. 

How does jewelry make you feel?

Beautiful, fun, and classy!  

What is your go to?: Netflix or a good book 

Particularly a non-fiction or self-help book.

How would you define your personal style? 

Simple yet elegant. 

What are you known for?

Constantly crying when I laugh, I just can’t help it! I love a good laugh and those happy tears. Also for being innately positive through all of life’s occurrences.

Sparkle Studio Design

What is your most memorable travel destination? 


Sparkle Studio Design

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Sparkle Studio Design


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