Feeling Artsy

May 24 2016

Feeling Artsy
Feeling Artsy

We truly love each piece of jewelry we select for our customers. We examine each piece  from all angles, always looking for ways to style it.   In art history the same is true. We were inspired this week to make our “Tuesday Field Trip Day” to the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston, MA.


Formalism is the study of art by analyzing and comparing form and style. Specifically,  the way objects are made and their purely visual aspects. In painting, formalism emphasizes compositional elements such as color, line, shape, texture, and other perceptual aspects. This is how we are influenced by each jewelry piece that we choose for our customers. We add one more effect- How will she feel when she wears this? Beautiful? Radiant? Elegant? Sophisticated?  



Back in her day, Isabella Gardner created a lot of buzz for the gossip columns with her reputation for stylish taste and unconventional behavior. A modern girl after our own heart!  The Boston society pages called her many names and at a concert in 1912 at the very formal Boston Symphony Hall she wore a white headband with the words inscribed “Oh, you Red Sox!” As you can imagine this caused a huge panic. Who doesn’t like a girl that follows her own fashion sense?



She had a very interesting way of collecting her art and we can relate to her a bit in this respect as well. She purchased art that reflected her varying tastes from Egypt, Turkey, the Far East, as well as Europe. Although our suppliers remain in the United States, we could never just pick one type of jewelry either to reflect our mood or taste. Some days we are ready to make an entrance with a posh statement piece, other days we are wild at heart adorned in Boho chic.



Walking through the museum we spent most of our time just soaking in the sun filled four story garden courtyard. No matter what angle you viewed  the purple hydrangea and the emerald green ferns from, this antique Venetian back-drop  was stunning. We were glad that we wore the Great  Goddess Necklace today. It was grand enough to stand up to even this beautiful, sparkling space.



The museum field trip wouldn’t have been complete without our ladies luncheon and cocktails. Something about having a glass of wine  in the afternoon that is oh so decadent. Field trip Tuesday did not disappoint us this week. Art enriches the soul and inspires the mind. We are re-charged and excited to get back to our growing business. Remembering always that fashion is created through the visual arts. Styling our wardrobe with beautiful, fun, unconventional pieces of jewelry is how we express ourselves visually. We want to inspire you to enjoy these pieces as much as we do when we wear them. Look through our gallery of jewelry and see what inspires you!  


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